November 9th 2016

The context of what I want to share doesn’t matter. For all I remember it was probably a really bad haircut. But today is a really weird day. And everyone who reads her writing always says that my mom has a way with words, so here are some words from her to me that I found in a card she wrote me three years ago on this pretty stationery. That’s why the context doesn’t matter, because it really can apply to anything. Like today.


“The only thing certain in life is that the sun will rise every morning and set every evening. Every day really is different — which does not necessarily ease the pain on days when the clouds are hanging low over your head but it helps to be reminded of it.” She also says that our sufferings and joys are all one and of course, when we need to laugh, there’s LD (my father, who reminds everyone of a very popular comedian with the same initials).

4 thoughts on “November 9th 2016

  1. You do know you brought me tears when I read this . . . How did you get so wise? 😉

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